Spanish Companies Incorporation

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in order to be appointed as a Director, or being a shareholder of a Spanish company you do need to hold a foreign ID number (NIE)?

Our Services

Incorporation of a Company:

We will help you with all the steps required in the Incorporation of your company, starting with the reservation of the denomination until the final registration within the Commercial Register and the registration within the Tax Office (AEAT).

Incorporation and maintenance of Spanish Holding Companies:

Some clients make use of Spanish Holding companies as points of control of their investments both in Spain and in foreign countries of LATAM and Asia – Pacific.

Corporate Secretary Services

Draw-up, Approval and Deposit of Financial Statements in the Commercial Register:

The Spanish Companies Act regulates the annual formal obligations that must be complied by any Spanish company including the preparation and filling of the Annual Accounts every year in the Commercial Register.

Corporate Address Services - Mail Handling

Every Spanish company must have a physical corporate address in the Spanish territory.

You do not have a physical address for your Spanish Company? Use ours and we will handle the physical correspondence of your company for you.

Directorship - Tax Representative:

Some regulations state that a local director must be appointed in the management body.

SCI may be appointed as local director in order to comply with such regulations or with any requirement of its clients.

Online Banking Management

SCI can manage the online banking of your company for you.

We are in constant contact with Spanish banks and can solve problems related to banking operativeness.

Bookkeeping Services and Tax Compliance:

SCI may assist your company with the accountancy following Spanish GAAP regulations and filling of mandatory tax compliance forms within the Spanish Tax Office (AEAT), like VAT registration.

Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) Services:

Following EU regulations all European companies are obliged to declare their UBOs.

We can help you to be in line with EU regulations and declare the UBO of your company.

Funding your Company :

Shareholder Loans, Shareholder Contributions and Share Capital Increases. 

In case of funding necessity, we can help you to find the best legal mechanism to fund your company.

Acquisition of a Shelf Company

Sometimes transactions need to be implemented in a short period of time and incorporating a company may not be the best solution.

In those particular cases purchasing a shelf company may be the best option for you.

Legalization of Corporate Books:

The Corporate Books of any Spanish company are the Minutes Book, the Shareholders Book and the Sole Shareholder Agreements Book, and they must be legalized annually within the Commercial Register.

Liquidation of Companies

The Liquidation of a Spanish Company must follow some rules established in the Spanish Companies Act.

Incorporation of Foundations

In SCI we also work with Spanish Fundations. They are regulated by the Register of Foundations, depending on the Ministry of Justice.

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